For my safety, and to avoid scammers, I take the screening process very seriously.

Please do any ONE of the following steps to complete the screening process:

Provide a reference from well known active or reviewed providers/ agencies. Please include the provider’s name, email, a link to her/his current ad, and personal website or social media linksContact your references beforehand to make sure she/he will respond to the inquiry.

Please don't just give me a first name and nothing else
i.e "I saw Tina two months ago"
Tina who? From where? Where does she advertise? What's her
phone/email address? 

That will just delay our meeting if I have to go

If you are a registered member of P411 send a request to P277021 via their private message system, so I can pre-screen you.

* Provide your employer’s websitewith your bio or a photo of your work badge/business card.

* Provide me your LinkedIn profile.(Must be 50+ connection plus) 
Please find my Linkedin page “Jame’s mover”
and send me a connect request. When I accept your requestsend me this message, “Are you a moving company ?”

Send me a copy of your ID/Drivers license with full name, DOB and photo clearly visible. You can blur the rest of the sensitive information.

This is the standard screening process to protect me.  I only need ONE of them to be completed. If you choose not to comply I am unable to see you.

Thank You
Hours Daily 12 pm to 10:30 pm. Appointment only
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