For my safety, and to avoid scammers, I take the screening process very seriously.

Please do any of the following steps to complete the screening process:



* For someone I’ve seen in the past, kindly send me a selfie or a screenshot our Email exchange history in the past.


New Client:

Provide a reference from well known active and reviewed providers/ agencies. Please include the provider’s name, email, a link to current ad, and personal website or social media links

Please don't give me just a first name or an email/Phone number of a provider and nothing else, that will only delay our meeting due to me having to do extra verification.

I.e "I saw Tina two months ago"
Tina who? From where? Where does she advertise? What's her contact information? (Phone/Email address)

Not every provider is reference friendly.Please contact your references beforehand, make sure your reference is willing to vouch for you.

If you are a registered member of P411, please send a request to P277021via their private message system, so I can pre-screen you.

* Provide your employer’s website, with your bio or a photo of your work badge/business card. Your phone number or the email you use to contact me must match your business card/website. 

* Provide your LinkedIn profile. (Must be 200+ connection )
Please find my LinkedIn page “China Tourism and Culture Office In Minneapolis and send me a connect request.
When I accept your requestsend me this message:I’m interested in a tour of China. I would like an appointment to talk about the tour details.”

Send me a copy of your ID/Drivers license with full name, DOB and photo clearly visible. You can blur the rest of the sensitive information.


⚠️I am okay with communication by text or Email. Ultimately, I will need you to use a personal number to confirm our appointment. I will not give person information in Email. Gentleman who are using a VoIP/Burner number please be ready to share additional information for screening.




Your privacy is my priority. All the information is only used for screening purposes. Rest assured. After our session all data will be deleted, any Internet connection will be removed. 

This is the standard screening process to protect me and you. If you choose not to comply I am unable to see you.

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